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Pharmaceutical Practice

Less than stellar pipelines, increasing research expenditures, industry shakeout and negative public perception all are factors applying pressure to the pharmaceutical industry. Now more than ever, regulators require more transparency into the entire product development cycle and mandate organizations to improve their data collection processes. Even once commercialized, products aren't guaranteed to achieve their maximum revenue potential as price ceilings, formularies and physician prescibing behaviors undercut the bottom line.

Luckily, Adjility has answers to many of the questions presented by Pharmaceutical Executives.

Solutions for Life Sciences

Adjility Consulting has a unique set of services and proprietary solutions intended to create synergies within your organzation. Our capabilities cover Sales Force & Marketing Effectiveness, Commercial Effectiveness and Clinical Excellence.


The goal is to add value and create benefits that go staight to the bottom line. Below is more detail of our solution set:


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Lab / Diagnostics

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Sales & Marketing


Adjility has variety of programs and services to enhance the effectiveness of sales organizations.

Virtual Selling – Virtual selling builds your in-person sales presence with virtual selling tools, either as a complementary or independent tool, will drive better sales efficiency. Adjility helps with strategies to automate common requests, provide better outreach, provide 24x7 cross-selling and order support. Tools include:

"Virtual Selling Assessment" for assessing markets and customers that a firm can serve without any representatives, and models for supporting those customers with virtual selling

"Virtual Selling Map"that outlines the opportunities to enhance sales reps performance with virtual aids

Sales Activity Benchmarking – Adjility experts spend time in the field and in your firm benchmarking your sales activity to identify opportunity. Whether you have account-based selling models or transactional selling, Adjility can help optimize your sales reps time with tools like:

Decile Activity Performance Maps – Using sales rep “ride alongs”, we create maps of how sales people are spending their time at each decile of performance. These maps allow sales management to pinpoint things that

Sales Account Alerts – Using your existing customer data, we identify “sales customer alerts” and dashboards that help each sales rep focus on key information for accounts their service

Sales "Home Office" Operations – Behind every great sales organization is a great home office. Adjility can assist in making sure your home office operation minimizes the time sales team spend on administrative activities

Sales Portals – Adjility views portals as "integrated workspaces" that are customized for the sales force as a "one stop shopping" for information


Customer Event Maps – Customers reach out to your firm in many ways. Often, much of this data is lost, even though this data is crucial to keeping profitable customer relations. Adjility can create "customer event maps" that identify all opportunities to:

Improve data capture at point of contact
Analyze that data for opportunities
Close the loop with improved cross-sell and up-sell at point of contact

Marketing Support Process Excellence – Behind every great campaign or sales effort is a lot of marketing logistical and process work. What is also behind these campaigns is a large dollar spend and cycle times that reduce speed-to-market. Process excellence in support functions is not glamorous, but represents a multi-million dollar improvement effort for most organizations

Commercial Effectiveness

Adjility's Commercial Effectiveness is intended to help clients achieve a balance of spend and ROI.

We place an emphasis on key business operations such as Contracting Strategy; Rebate, Chargeback, Admin Fee Claims Compliance and Adjudication; Medicaid; Government Pricing (GP) & Reporting; and basic operations and contract compliance reporting while also identifying key components that offer efficiency.

Clinical Excellence

Regulators are placing more empahsis that require researchers to collect more data to ensure product safety once launched. Although necessary, measures like these can prolong development and delay product launch. Adding to the complexity is that clinical processes center around paper and ancillary tools that are not connected with one another making it difficult to manage data.

At Adjility we recognize the challenges in the clinical environment. Adjility has a broad understanding of the scope and impact of the processes and systems involved to maximize effectiveness, not perpetuate the problem. Our expertise in Clinical Excellence includes:

Data Management & Analytics – Adjility can provide skills to support analytics and data management in the clinical environment. Included in this capability is our ability to assist with advanced process analytics such as implementing electronic batch reports and executing advanced analytics off of these reports

eSubmissions and CTD – Adjility has the experience with CTD and electronic submissions, structured product labeling, and other regulatory document management, from eliminating business costs in the size and composition of product label teams to finding more efficient ways to manage massive regulatory document repositories and upgrades.

Packaged applications – Adjility has expertise working with LIMS and application packages such as SAS, PharSight, SPSS and Waban in a clinical environment, as well as products like LabVantage.

For more information about our capabilities in our Pharmaceutical Practice, please contact our sales office at 562-310-1217 or

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